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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 23, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- we have breaking news, president obama is in vietnam making a major announcement overnight. hear the new decision by the u.s. that's sparking instant outrage from china. bringing out the big dog. bill clinton on the attack overnight as new polls show hillary clinton trailing donald trump. plus s trump ready to pick a running mate. a robot has joined in the search of flight 804. in texas shifting through damage. emotioning running ahead of at the billboard music awards. madonna and stevie wonder honored a legend. we have full coverage ahead. ♪ purple rain
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good morning to you. i'm diane maceda. >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin with that major announcement by president obama taking a step with normal relationship with an old enemy. >> he announced the end of an arms embargo with the country, something vietnamese leaders had long sought. abc's bob woodruff is traveling with the president and he joins now. >> reporter: good morning, yes some very big news this morning. a short while ago, president obama announced that the u.s. has agreed to lift the long-standing arms embargo which made it illegal to sell lethal weapons to vietnam. that ban is now officially over but there are lingering concerns about vietnam's human rights record. it's interesting that obama actually insisted this decision was made really to improve the
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relationship with vietnam not because of china's increasing aggressive ideas in the south china sea. despite that wording china is major concern in he region, china has been converting reefs into artificial islands not far away from the vietnamese coast. so the relationship between these former enemies is improving. this is all changing very carefully. >> bob woodruff reporting. the late nest the battle for the white house. some new polls are showing donald trump and hillary clinton locked in an treexly tight race. >> our own abc news washington post poll has donald trump pulling slightly ahead of hillary clinton by two points. it's a dramatic shift from march when clinton had a nine-point zbleed as clinton and trump continue to take verbal swipes at each other, donald tru bill
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now moving in. a campaign stop near bakersfield, california, he blasted the presumptive gop nominee. >> make america great again, i'll make it the way it used to be. that's a dumb idea. >> reporter: but trump is staying confident. >> people are in love with what we're saying. >> reporter: still after locking horns on gun control, hillary clinton says it's just a matter of time before trump is exposed. >> during the course of this campaign we're going to demonstrate he has no ideas. there's no evidence that he has any idea of making america a great. >> reporter: bernie sanders is also taking aim at donald trump. shannon
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democratic rival, he's holding a string of rallies in southern california hoping to chip away at clinton's lead among latino voters. saturday night live had a little fun at ix pence. >> senator sanders i'm sorry the night is over. >> to no, no, it's not over! it's not over until i say it's over. >> now, donald trump is shrugging off the criticism from bill clinton and moving forward. he's expected to meet with bob corker of tennessee who could be a potential running mate. a robot submarine that can go as deep as 10,000 feet is joining the search of egyptair flight 804. >> they're combing about 5300 square miles looking for the wreck able. on sunday, the u.s. navy spotted more than a hundred pieces of new debris. >> moll hunter joins us now on the phone from alexandria,
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egypt, good morning, melee. >> we're right on the coast. it's a breezy day. choppy waters, clear skies out there for the search. the search area as you mentioned is 5300 square miles about the size of connecticut. in addition to that submarine will be a french navy ship. it's high-tech, heavy duty with the ability to pick up the signals from the pingers on the block boxes. the debris that has spotted could have drifted from that crash site. that submarine has gone out today. an egyptian submarine. while black boxes remain such a priority for investigators. they told our matt gutman last night that actually their priority right now is recovering those human remains to give the families some closure. diane. >> molly, earlier we were
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hearing from experts talking about the signs that this looked like terrorism, now it seems like mechanical failure, what changed? >> reporter: that's right, diane. the french aviation investigation body has confirmed that messages, automated messages that are sent while the flight is still in flight confirm it's likely a mechanical failure. so, while some experts are saying that actually a bomb could have set off that fire the egyptians are still saying it's way too early to tell and we should wait for the investigation to complete before jumping to any conclusions. diane. >> good advice. molly hunter reporting live from alexandria, egypt. in iraq a major battle is under way to retake the city of fluj ya from isis. about 40 miles west of baghdad
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has been in isis control since december of 2013. if the operation is successful only one major iraqi city mosul would remain in the hands of isis. president obama calls the weekend death of taliban leader a milestone in an efforts to bring peace to afghanistan. the strike that happened just across the border in pakistan is the most aggressive u.s. military action in pakistan. m mansour was seen as an imminent threat in the region. a trial of a baltimore police officer charged in the freddie gray. the officer faces charges of assault and misconduct and he opted for a bench trial rather than a jury trial. the other charges carry five-year maximums. two tornadoes have touched down in west central texas since
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early last evening. the national weather service said both are part of the same supercell, the extent of the damage is not yet known but this is what's left of one home near the town of big spring. that extreme weather isn't yet finished with texas. but it's expanding east to kansas and north to minnesota bringing heavy rain, large hail and damaging winds and yes, more tornadoes. >> seems like they can't get a break in that area. coming up -- another security scare puts the white house on lockdown plus a community shaken by the loss of an officer in the line of duty. the man hunt for the suspect finally over. the emotional night in los angeles, a legendary music icon pays tribute to prince. ♪ purple rain
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a dramatic scene in southern california. six people were seriously hurt when their church bus rolled over near san bernardino. the highway patrol said the bus rear-ended a nissan and then overturned. a man who shot and killed a massachusetts police officer is now dead. >> police say he burst out of a closet firing at police officers who were searching an apartment for him. the officer then shot and killed him. after he shot another officer during a traffic stop. last evening first responders in
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central massachusetts honored the fallen officer ronald tarantino. >> go to work and you think everything's going to be okay. because that's the only way you can think about it that everything's going to be okay and unfortunately it's not. >> tarantino a veteran cop with 18 years experience had transferred to the auburn police department two years ago. he leaves behind a wife and three children sxwlmpblts a new security scare at the white house just two days after the secret service shot an intruder. mystery objects spotted flying over the grounds on sunday afternoon triggered an immediate lockdown but it was short-lived, because those objects turned out to be stray party balloons. if you wanted to buy someone chewbacca mask, you're out of luck thanks to a viral video from a dallas mom. now, all candace payne did was bought the mask and laughed hiesser theically while he
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broadcast live from her car. the video took off like wild fire. it's set a new facebook record. she'll be live on "good morning america" this morning. her laugh is infectious >> that's the best part. >> makes you laugh every time. all right, when we come back -- the new warning about the zika virus. experts say it's just weeks from entering the u.s. and the commanding win in the nba playoffs, highlights from okc straight ahead. don't bring that mess around here, evan! whoo! don't do it. don't you dare. i don't think so! [ sighs ] it's okay, big fella. we're gonna get through this together. [ baseball bat cracks ] nice rip, robbie. ♪ raaah! when you bundle home and auto insurance through progressive, you get more than just a big discount. i'm gonna need you to leave.
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about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. firefighters now expect full containment of this fire in mojave valley, arizona, later today. the families evacuated are now returning to their homes. it's believed the brushfire was started by an trek call transformer explosion watch out for rain and snow in the northwest. some flood in the midsection from the gulf of mexico to the canadian border and some rain in parts of the northeast. and if you're flying, airport delays are possible in minneapolis, kansas city, and washington, d.c. mosquitos carrying the zika virus are expected to infect the u.s. in the next week or so. >> a doctor said preparation is critical of preventing further
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of the virus here in the u.s. about 500 americans are already sick with zika but all travel related a camper who came face to face with a full-grown brown bear. he said the brown bear came charging at him so fast that he had to fight back. that was a moment kenny he rebs in vivid detail. >> i remember the sound of it breathing and i remember, you know, the sound of it snarling. i remember, this thing is going to kill me. >> now for some reason the bear finally did let go and then just walked away. his wife and three others on the trip were nurses and they were luckily able to treat him right away. an indiana man is now the third climber to die on mt. everest in recent days. frantic search is under way for
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two others in his party missing from saturday. a professional on his fifth trip up everest died on friday from altitude sickness. dramatic rescue in waters off of australia, a hot air balloon was running low on fuel and there was no place to land and that's when this pleasure boat went into action, helping nine passengers get off the balloon and safely back to land. the pilot who stayed with the ship was able to land on the beach. turning now to sports, the thunder rolled over the warriors, 133-105. kevin durant had 30 points for oklahoma city. russell westbrook 30 as the thunder matched the franchise record for the most points scored in a playoff game. >> the thunder also outrebounded the warriors, 52-38 and golden state's mvp steph curry was held to just 24 points and oklahoma city now has a 2-1 lead in the
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series. game four is tuesday night. this isn't supposed to happen with aluminum bats but that's one breaking. it happened during a women's softball game between tennessee and ohio state. this whole situation confirmed the ohio state players for just long enough that that tennessee batter made it to first. >> and hit it right at the right spot to break that back. a big night in las vegas. at the billboard music awards. lose all that negativity. just let it go. it's just bad energy. oh, and lose those terrible black balloons they give you on your 50th. what's up with that? hey we hear you. that's why our members love aarp the magazine. it celebrates you. with fun and provocative content, from lifestyle and entertainment to in-depth reporting. and it's just one of the great benefits of membership. if you don't think "this is right for me"
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killing it at the billboard music awards last night. she performed song just like fire inside a ring of fire and i would say she was on fire. >> she was, and no lip syncing needed. one of the many show-stopping performances at the awards show and lauren lyster is in las vegas with a recap of the big event. >> it's the weekend. most nominated artist, the weeknd. evoking prince to start the show. >> i want to dedicate this to prince, rest in peace. >> reporter: justin bieber. >> thank you to my family. >> reporter: billboard fashion as much a concert as an awards show. britney spears opening with a med leigh of her greatest hits. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: and pink flirting with actual flames as she sang just like fire spinning in the
4:23 am
air. . and celine dion performing since the deaths of both her husband and her brother. accepting the icon award. >> honey, this one's for you. the show must go on! >>. >> reporter: and madonna paying tribute to prince. ♪ purple rain purple rain >> love you forever more ♪ ♪ purple rain >> reporter: and the big award of the night, billboard top artist going to -- >> adele! >> thank you very much. >> and the show doesn't end on the show it ends back here when t backstage. >> lauren, thanks. ahead of the big show, another show as usual on the red carpet or in this case the pink
4:24 am
carpet no one was looking at the carpet. >> just the smoking hot celebrities. look at ciara, sizzling in that metallic-looking dress. her only asseccessory right there -- seahawks russell wilson. >> and kate beckinsale looked absolutely beautiful in this dress. >> that's a nice dress. britney spears turned heads with this racy black lace number. pretty much a see-through from top to bottom. >> i have to say britney wore it very well. she wore it very well and her performance was great. >> yeah, what she was wearing in the performance outshines what she wore on the red carpet. >> it might have been more revealing, believe it or not. >> no complaints.
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hey, everyone, good morning, i'm matt o'donnell. 4:27 it is monday, i hope you had a great weekend. the mayor of chester urging people to come forward for a shooting that killed a 14-year-old boy and injured two other people. if you didn't make it all the way through last night's billboard music awards we have the he winners and the performances. i wonder if it is going to rain this week? what do you think? you would have a good chance of being right because it's rained every week since i can't remember when. all next on "action news." oes af
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spectators it's tough. >> but for a holecaust survivor it was a dream come true. john donvan has the story. ♪ oh, say can you see >> reporter: 89-year-old hermina hirsch loves to sing. especially this song. >> i love the song itself, i love it. >> reporter: her husband of 69 years says that singing has always brought hermina joy. >> this is her life, she likes to sing. >> reporter: recently, she told her family her dream, to sing the national anthem at the ballpark for her favorite team, the detroit tigers. >> the next thing you knew, my older brother took a video of her, and gave it to andrea, and andrea posted it on social media. >> reporter: an audition, sort of. word spread and the tigers couldn't say no. ♪ by the dawn's early light >> reporter: hermina was born in czechoslovakia. in 1944, at 17, she was locked away in the notorious nazi concentration camp called auschwitz.
4:29 am
she survived and built a family in america. they were there. 200 family and friends turned out at the ballpark to listen, and to celebrate. >> it's one of her favorite songs because she's so patriotic. because of everything she's been through and how she got here. ♪ for the land of the free >> reporter: as she hit the high note and a dream came true. ♪ and the home of the brave [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: john donvan, abc news. >> now she's nearly 90 years old. she's been a tigers fan since she joined the to the detroit area 60 years ago. >> well done, her meena. that's what's making news in america. >> stay tuned for "good morning america." have a great monday.
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good morning, everyone, it is 4:30 a.m., monday, may 23. here's what we're following, the family of a 14-year-old boy gunned down in chester is sharing their pain as police hunt for his killer. dozens of firefighters work to put out a fire at a burlington county apartment building. today you can book a rare tour of the moor mom church in center city -- morman church in center city. i think we have to give storm tracker 6 live a


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